Man allegedly rams shopping cart into Walmart customer abusing 'express lane'

William Golladay, 77 (Fox News)
William Golladay, 77 (Fox News)

According to Fox News, a Florida man was charged with felony battery after he allegedly rammed his shopping cart into a fellow Walmart shopper who apparently had more items than allowed on the express line, reported.

William Golladay, 77, from Punta Gorda, which is north of Fort Myers, got into a shouting match Saturday with the other shopper, identified in police reports as a 65-year-old in a motorized shopping cart, and allegedly went back to his own metal shopping cart and intentionally rammed the cart into the alleged victim, injuring the man's arm, the report said.

The alleged victim told police Golladay counted the number of items he had and determined that he should not be in the "20 items or less" lane, the report said.

Golladay was escorted from the store and arrested some time later, the report said.