Coroner seeks attorney general's help in Glover case

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The Orleans Parish coroner asks the state attorney general's office to help resolve Henry Glover's death.

Dr. Frank Minyard says with a lack of evidence, he's unable to re-classify Glover's death as a homicide.

Dr. Minyard initially agreed to re-examine the case after Henry Glover's family demanded it.

The problem is, Dr. Minyard says he hasn't been able to get his hands on the evidence he needed to move forward.

FOX 8 obtained a letter sent from the coroner to the state attorney general.

In the letter, Dr. Minyard lays out his case about why he hasn't been able to move forward in the investigation of Glover's death.

"There were no broken bones where a bullet would have pierced and so we had no other information. There was no scene investigation and remember he was found in a burned out car," Minyard said.

After an initial autopsy, Glover's death was classified as undetermined.

Years later, a federal jury acquitted former NOPD officer David Warren of federal civil rights and gun charges in Glover's death.

Warren, though, admitted during the trial he shot Glover in self defense.

In December, Glover's family and a slew of protestors stormed the coroner's office demanding Minyard reopen the case.

They want him to re-classify Glover's death as a homicide so they can ask the district attorney to possibly open a murder case against Warren.

Dr. Minyard reached out to the FBI for further evidence.

"A transcript of the trial of officer David Warren's testimony and other people, so I want to look at that," said Minyard.

In the letter to the state attorney general, Dr. Minyard writes, "They have refused. They have informed me that everything has been sealed by a federal judge."

The coroner goes on to ask the state attorney general several questions.

He wants to know if he should even consider evidence from the trial and also whether the jury's verdict should be considered.

In his 40 years as coroner, Dr. Minyard says he's never been faced with such a case.

He says he's consulted with several attorneys, but no one has been able to instruct him on how to move forward.

Now, he's waiting for an answer from the state attorney general.

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