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Judge Marullo orders sheriff Gusman to not tamper with court orders

NEW ORLEANS, LA - Sheriff Marlin Gusman has been drawn into a contempt-of-court case involving the district attorney's spokesman.

The problem began when Gusman changed one of the orders for Assistant District Attorney Chris Bowman, who was ordered jailed for 24 hours. Gusman put Bowman on work release.

Judge Frank Marullo jailed assistant D.A. Chris Bowman Thursday and wanted to know why Gusman released him. Gusman was ordered to appear in Marullo's court Friday at 3 p.m. to answer.

Gusman had a 10-minute bench conference with the judge, during which they agreed that Gusman would not change any more of Marullo's orders.

"We assign people to work-release all the time, to the coroner's office and other public buildings, " said Gusman, adding that he is allowed by law to do so.

But he said he would adhere to Marullo's directive not to change the order regarding Bowman.

"Today he wanted to make sure that if this happened again, the 24 hours would actually be held in jail," Gusman said. "I agreed to it. There's no sense in getting involved in a dispute on that."

Bowman was also asked to be in court Friday, but the judge said he was told Bowman was on vacation.

The judge said he will revisit the issue next week.

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