Senior Bowl 2014: LSU Safety Craig Loston

The LSU Tigers are no strangers to the Senior Bowl in Mobile and one of this year's representatives is safety Craig Loston.

The former five-star recruit says that it's good to go up against the best of the best but coming from LSU, it's something he's quite accustomed to doing:

"Coming from a place like LSU, there's always eyes on you and being in a situation like this, there's going to be eyes on you whether you're on the field or off the field so you've got to carry yourself in that manner and hold yourself accountable to what you're doing on the field and off the field. I would say the SEC has got great competition and then you've got these guys that are coming from all these different places that were the best in their conference or league and you get the best of the best, it's about competing and trying to make everything normal and get back in the gel of things."

Loston says he's out to show his physical and aggressive nature to potential employers. He also added that he already has a meeting lined up Monday night with the Miami Dolphins.

FOX 8's Sean Fazende will have reports from Senior Bowl practice leading up to Saturday's game.