Senior Bowl 2014: Louisianans making a name for themselves

AP Photo
AP Photo

Mobile, Al. - With 32 potential employers looking on, Louisiana's delegation of Tulane wide receiver Ryan Grant, LSU linebacker Lamin Barrow, and LSU safety Craig Loston concluded step one of their NFL draft job interview with the South team's first practice at the Senior Bowl here on Monday.

"It's going good," John Ehret high school alumnus Barrow said, "First day in the pads, everybody is trying to get the little kinks out but I think we're gelling really well and we're looking like a team right now."

Grant is Tulane's first representative since Jeremy Williams in 2010, he knows he's representing himself and the progress of his university "It can definitely put Tulane on the map since Jeremy Williams and Matt Forte but it's really good for the program so I'm hoping to do some good things out here."

For Barrow and Loston, it's all about carrying on the tradition of excellence in Tiger athletics here in Mobile "I talk to a guy like Kelvin Shepperd all the time, he just lets me know not to stress it," Barrow said after practice. "Try to be your own man, you can't live up to everyone that came up before you so I'm trying to make my own mark here."

"That's one thing I learned at LSU," Loston said, "being able to compete, day in and day out, week in and week out, against people in the SEC and out of the SEC."

All three Louisiana connections can greatly improve their draft stock by having good weeks at the Senior Bowl. Grant is projected to go as high as the fifth round while Barrow and Loston have both been rated by some analysts as top 100 draft prospects.