NOPD suspends officer accused in love triangle

A New Orleans Police officer is on emergency suspension without pay after charges were filed against her in a case that involves another woman who allegedly was dating the same man.

The NOPD says the Orleans District Attorney's Office filed a Bill of Information, charging Carolyn Dalton with Malfeasance in Office.

The investigation stems from a complaint filed against Dalton more than a year ago.  A woman from St. Bernard claims she was being harassed by the officer. The Chalmette woman claims Dalton showed up at her home, then followed her around in her car, demanding she stop seeing a man that both were allegedly dating.  Dalton allegedly used profanity and threatened that if the complainant didn't stop communicating with the man, she was "going to get her."  The St. Bernard woman subsequently filed a restraining order against Dalton.

NOPD's Public Integrity Bureau (PIB) reassigned Dalton from the Third District a short time later and assigned Dalton to desk duty.  Through PIB's investigation, detectives learned that while on duty, Dalton used the mobile data computer terminal in her patrol car to look up the complainant's home and business addresses.  Investigators also determined that Dalton was not conducting an investigation that would require her to check the complainant's name through the official database.

Dalton was asked to provide a criminal statement to Public Integrity Bureau investigators. She declined to do so, and was subsequently advised of her rights as an employee under investigation and her Miranda Rights regarding Malfeasance in Office. The investigation was forwarded to the Orleans Parish District Attorney's Office, who then decided to prosecute the malfeasance charges, claiming  Dalton violated RS 14:134, Malfeasance in Office by illegally using the mobile computer system.

On Thursday, January 16, 2014, The Bill of Information was assigned case #518-912 and allotted to Division "C". The Honorable Judge Benedict Willard set the matter for arraignment yesterday.  Immediately following the judge's action, Public Integrity Bureau Chief Arlinda Westbrook placed Dalton on Emergency Suspension without Pay.  Dalton is a 16 year veteran of the NOPD.

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