Entergy customers see spike in recent bills; cold snap to blame

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Entergy customers found themselves staring at their most recent bill, in shock.

"It's $486 and I don't know how it got that high," says Entergy customer Lori Hughes.

In some cases, bills have doubled and even tripled.

Entergy says the reason for the increase is simple. Toni Green-Brown with Entergy says the bills are driven by usage, which is being driven by the colder weather.

Near freezing temperatures before and during the holidays caused a lot of people to kick on the heat.

The cold snap, though, continued and customers need to be aware they haven't even seen the bill yet from last week and this week's freezing temperatures.

Entergy is advising customers to always set their thermostats on 68. It says every degree above 68 adds three percent to your bill.

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