ProjectNOLA to expand crime camera program

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - ProjectNOLA said Tuesday that it will expand its New Orleans-based crime camera system to communities beyond Orleans Parish.

"We believe that the New Orleans ProjectNOLA non-profit HD crime camera system is the most cost-efficient crime camera system in the world, and has become the largest HD city-wide system in America. We are excited about the opportunity to now help reduce crime in neighboring communities," said Executive Director Bryan Lagarde.

In Phase II, an HD crime camera is placed on a participant's home or business, and the video may be used by law enforcement. Those who host a crime camera can also view and record their video feed.

The expanded program will allow direct access of a neighborhood's crime cameras to local law enforcement, private patrol organizations, or a selected neighborhood administrator.

Lagarde said authorized viewers may simultaneously view recorded footage from one, some or all  ProjectNOLA crime cameras within an area via smartphone, tablet or PC.

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