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Does it Work: The Blizzerator

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It'sbeen a long, cold winter for everyone, and no doubt you've got some good useout of that snow brush and ice scraper in your car, but what if there was atool that could help you wipe away winter and get you where you're goingfaster?

That'sjust what the Blizzerator promises to do, but does it work?

It'sa three-in-one ice scraper, snow brush and squeegee designed to ‘oblizzerate'winter. Who better to test it than the car cleaning pros? Jon Hainer is asalesman at Grogan's Towne Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram. Every snow storm means Hainerand others have to clean off the 300-plus cars.

"Webroom the cars off, get them running," Hainer said. "We start in a section,move them, plow [the area], then move them back and go to another section."

Theprocess takes them 6-8 hours each time. The Blizzerator, however, allows you toclear snow and ice from a vehicle while standing on just one side. The inventoractually designed it for his 5-foot-1 wife.

Hainerwas anxious to test out the Blizzerator and see if it would make his snow daysany easier. He took it out of the box and got to cleaning – without reading theinstructions.

"I'mgoing to be honest with you, it's kind of hard to manage," he said. "It spinsin your hand…This would definitely increase our day out here."

Butas he moved to the larger vehicles, Hainer discovered he could turn the brushperpendicular with the handle, and he was able to reach all the way across aJeep without having to walk to the other side. He knocked the snow off withlittle effort.

"Thefirst time I tried it, I think it wasn't very successful," he said. "Afterlearning that you can articulate that and turn it, I could do the same thing Idid with my other one. I could actually push and pull versus trying to broomdown and doubling the work, so I actually think the consumer probably wouldlike this better than your average brush."

Sohow does it score?

"Idon't think I can give it an A," Hainer said. "There's a couple things thatseem a little chinsy, as far as they turn, they tweak. But I do think it'sprobably a B."

Sothe Blizzerator pulls in a passing grade in this week's Does it Work? test.

Itis available for $24.99 online, at Sears and Kmart and select Sam's Clublocations.

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