Plaisance Hoops: Well-Rounded Family

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - While Archie Manning is considered the patriarch of Louisiana's first family of football, Dobee Plaisance plays a similar role, but one of matriarch in the gym.

"The evolution has been interesting, but the fact that basketball happens to be their venue, I'm very excited that it was their choice," Dobee said.

Dobee is in her sixth year as the head coach of Nicholls State's women's basketball team after 13 successful seasons at Loyola. Her daughter Theresa, is a standout senior at LSU, leading the Lady Tigers in scoring, and brother Scott, is a star prep player for Metairie Park country day. But the kids credit their father Scott, Sr. as the hardest-working of them all.

"Yeah, my Dad always says we don't have one season of basketball, we have three," Scott Plaisance Jr. said. "He's kinda the one in the middle, has to get to everything, try to make everyone feel important, and he does a fantastic job of it."

Dobee added, "On a dime, my husband can tell you where we're playing, our next opponent and a time for all three of us."

"He's the one driving around from, Thibodaux to New Orleans to Baton Rouge, he goes everywhere, and he does really a good job of making as much as he can," Theresa Plaisance said.

On and off the court, one can't help but notice the Plaisance crew, with heights ranging from six-foot-two to six-foot-nine.

"When we walk into a building, everyone's like look at how tall those people are, and even to this day, my mom has to find a seat in the back of the church, so everyone can get a clear look at the priest," Scott said.

Growing up in a basketball family provided structure, competition and a burning desire to help each other succeed.

"We're all gonna learn from each other, you know my brother and I learn a lot from my mom, I eventually want to follow in her shoes and be a collegiate coach," Theresa said.

DoBee added, "One of the intangible things with both of them, their sense of competitiveness and just wanting to get it right. Even from a young age, regardless of what they were doing, they've both been shouldering, they're pleasers. They do not want to upset anyone, so they always have this innate characteristic if you will, gotta get it right."

For Scott and Theresa, being entrenched in the sport from a young age not only gave them a leg up, but it also provided some amusing moments.

"My mom would bring me to all her practices, I was the kid to sit behind the big fans they used to have in the gym, and you know, make the weird monster noises, you know that was me.," Theresa said.

Scott added, "Numerous times, I'd be dribbling, I'd kick it (the ball), and it would roll on the court, and she'd be like Awgh, Scott, get the ball, sit over there, and I'm like yes mom."

And through the years for this talented family, the big question has been who would win in a pick-up game?

"I think my mom would just throw some elbows, get us all out, and I think Scotty and I would eventually back off. DoBee would definitely win that one, but I think Scott would be a close second," Theresa said.

Scott added, "We all brag, here and there. Mom, shoot. Theresa, inside post, and I brag about my athleticism, but you know, we'll have to wait until we play."

DoBee had the final word, "Without a doubt, I would win. I'm gonna tell you why I'd win, talent aside, I would make sure that I would set up a certain set of rules, that would enable me to win the game. You can't touch me or it would be three free throws, or I'm gonna mug you. I'm a weapon with my elbows, and no blood, no foul. I would do something to figure out that I'm gonna win that ballgame, so without a doubt, I'm gonna win that game."

Moving forward this spring, Scott will try to lead his Cajuns of Country Day to a second straight state title, before making the collegiate transition to playing for the Cajuns of Louisiana-Lafayette. Theresa will guide her Lady Tigers into March Madness, and Dobee will continue to multi-task as coach and mother.

"Scott is going to take so much from Metairie Park Country Day, what a great institution. Theresa will take an enormous amount from LSU. Again, what a fantastic institution. But for me, what did you leave behind," DoBee said.

And while basketball will always be a common bond for the Plaisance clan, nothing is more important than just being there for each other as a family.

"It's gonna help us stay close for the rest of our lives, and it's always something we can look back on and reflect. It's our one thing we have in common, and our love for each other is so strong that basketball is just another bond that is added to it," Theresa said.

Scott added, "When we have down time, we talk about basketball, but we try to do family-oriented things, such as watching a favorite TV show, or things like that."

DoBee summed it up best, "We're very close, and my husband and I have been so extremely blessed. Those are our gifts. Trust me, those are our gifts."

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