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Kensington Proximo Starter Kit (app shown on Apple iPhone, not included)
Kensington Proximo Starter Kit (app shown on Apple iPhone, not included)
DoorJammer by Von Saint
DoorJammer by Von Saint
Classy Culbuto USB 3.0 stoarge device by LaCie
Classy Culbuto USB 3.0 stoarge device by LaCie

If you're always forgetting your smart phone when you leave for work or head home, never feel safe in a hotel room, or just like cool-looking stuff, I have a trio of gadgets for you!

● Kensington, a company known for making quality PC and mobile device accessories, has introduced Proximo, an app-enabled proximity monitoring system to help smart phone owners know where their expensive handsets, tablets, keys, and other valuables are at all times.

The Proximo Starter Kit includes the Proximo App to track your smart phone and valuables, a Proximo Fob to attach to your keys, and one Proximo Tag to find a valuable item of your choice. For those who want to track additional items, such as a briefcase, tablet, or camera, extra tags can be purchased.

The system works by establishing a wireless connection between the smart phone and key Fob or Tag using Bluetooth. The app's dashboard is "always on" and can track up to five items concurrently. Pushing a button on the Fob helps you locate your phone, and tapping "Find Fob" dashboard icon triggers an alarm keys or other valuables.

A customizable proximity setting lets you to select the appropriate separation distance from your phone so the alarm doesn't become a nuisance. The dashboard app even lets know how far you are from your items, and if you get out of range, a GPS function allows you to track them on a map.

The system currently supports the Samsung Galaxy family of phones and tablets and Apple iOS devices. The Kensington Proximo Starter Kit lists for $59.99. Additional Proximo Tags sell for $24.99 each. For more information, visit

● DoorJammer by Von Saint is designed to fit most doors found in hotels, dormitories, as well as your home. Offering additional privacy and security, DoorJammer ensures that the more force is exerted on the door, the more it stays stubbornly in place. The one-piece device can be quickly released in the event of an emergency and is light enough to be carry in a purse or coat pocket.

Ideal for travelers, the elderly, and anyone who sleeps better knowing their doors are better-equipped to resist forced entry, the DoorJammer sells for $29.99. For more information, visit                                                             

Viewer Question/DoorJammer's Response

Right after my TV segment, a viewer called, concerned that DoorJammer might not be "fire-proof," fearing the device might become too hot to remove from a door in the event of a fire.

DoorJammer: Our documentation clearly warns not to use the device on fire doors or emergency exits. 
Furthermore, DoorJammer is made from die-cast aluminum, which makes it resistant to high temperatures. Additionally, DoorJammer has a quick-release mechanism that allows it to be removed in seconds, without the need to unscrew the base.                                                                                              

● LaCie, who recently introduced the beautiful Sphere by Christofle, a 1TB, USB 3.0 external drive/object d'art at this year's CES has also released the Culbuto, a quirky USB key designed by Constance Guisset.

When not connected to a computer, the Culbuto whimsically bobs side to side as it is poked – much like a roly–poly toy. In fact, its named after a French toy with a rounded, weighted base that is capable of righting itself after it is bumped.

The unit's spherical solid metal base is topped with a silicone rubber stem that ends with a USB 3.0 connector, and the cap has a slit to hold a photo or business card.

What's the point? I have no idea, but it's fun to have on your desk, adding a bit of whimsy. The LaCie Culbuto's molded, "soft touch" rubber body also gives your fingers a treat.

The device is available as a 16GB or a 32GB storage device, starting at $49.99. For more information, visit