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LA taxpayers may have long wait for state tax refunds

BATON ROUGE, LA (WVUE) - If you're expecting a tax refund from the State of Louisiana, you may be in for a long wait.  State lawmakers say they've been fielding complaints from residents who say they've been waiting weeks to get back the money they are owed.

Senate President John Alario is now asking the La. Department of Revenue for answers.  He sent the department a notice on Friday to provide an explanation to the legislature on what's holding up the checks.  Many taxpayers count on the money to help pay off bills, while others use it to pay for vacations or other things that aren't part of their normal budget.  In either case, Alario, who is also a tax consultant, says the delay can cause a negative impact to the economy.

The Department of Revenue last year started using a new fraud prevention system, and its website warns tax filers that the software slows down refund processing.

If you file a paper return, the department says it could take up to 16 weeks for processing. For those taxpayers who file electronically, your check will be processed more quickly.  Still, the department says online filers should still expect to wait at least 21 days from submission of tax forms.

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