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Krewe of Freret's inaugural parade rolls for first time in 20 years

NEW ORLEANS, LA - The new Krewe of Freret paraded down the traditional Uptown route for the first time on Saturday.

The former Krewe of Freret put the breaks on Carnival, twenty years ago.

New members told Fox 8 they wanted to be apart of history in the making.

The inaugural parade had the theme "There's a First Time for Everything."

"Thousands of hours of our lives have gone into it, said Krewe of Freret Co-Captian Bobby Hjortsberg. "We have really, really worked hard to get this done for the Freret neighborhood." 

The parade, like its namesake, rose from the hallows of abandonment.

"Freret Street has gone through revitalization itself, a recreation itself, and this Mardi Gras krewe represents everything that made that possible," said the 2014 Krewe of Freret King, Jason Williams.

"A lot of those businesses got behind us," said Co-Captain Greg Rhoades. "They saw something that used to be there for 40 years supporting those businesses, and things are coming back. When we went to Loyola, you didn't want to travel down Freret too far, especially at night it might be a little dicey area. Now it's phenomenal. We want to highlight that. We want to help those businesses." 

Young new members strive to make their mark on carnival season, and they hope to create a strong tradition.

"Our signature throws are the masks that we made," said 2014 Krewe of Freret Queen Ary Dotiwala.

"The Krewe of Freret Mardi Gras mask is going to represent a new high demand item for New Orleans," said Williams.

Another staple for the parade were the locally made throws.

The krewe also created a new logo that tied in the krewe's helpful past and hopeful future.

"It's got the olive branch because the original Krewe of Freret really reached out to us, allowed us to use the name, helped us out along the way, we really appreciated that," said Rhoades.

The co-captains said they weren't calling the parade the first of its kind in 20 years, rather that it was completely new.

"We reached out to the Krewe of Freret that existed before us because we took on the name, but this is not the reincarnation of the old Krewe of Freret. This is a completely new organization," said Hjortsberg.

It's a new organization with a renewed belief in the power of local businesses and organizations.

The co-captains hope to move the parade back to the original Freret Street route in years to come in order to further support the Freret neighborhood.

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