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Does it Work: The Tornado hands-free can opener

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Sometimesyou just need an extra set of hands in the kitchen. We can't make that happen,but there is a product that could help. The Tornado can opener promises to aidyou in the kitchen, but does it work? We found out.

SaraBassler is a busy working mother of three young boys and two dogs. Her time inthe kitchen can be chaotic. We thought she'd be perfect to test the Tornadohands-free can opener.

Bassler'sson Andrew helped get it out of the package and install the batteries, then itwas time to get down to business.

"Simplyplace on the can, press once to start and once to stop," Bassler read from theinstructions.

Thefirst attempt didn't quite work. On take two, it caught the edge of the can andwent to work – slowly. It took about 40 seconds to open a can of soup.

Thatseemed a little long, so Bassler then tried to open the same type of can withher normal can opener. It took her about 10 seconds.

TheTornado was then tested on a can of tuna.

"Itdoesn't go on that easily to the can itself," Bassler said.

Ittook several tries again to get the Tornado to touch down on the can with thethicker lip.

"It'sokay for bigger cans. I think the fatter the lip on the stuff, it doesn't workas well," she said. "Personally, I kind of like my regular old can openerbetter. It kind of took a little bit longer to do it [with the Tornado] than itwould take me normally to do it, so I give it a B minus."

Sothe $19.99 Tornado whips up a low passing grade in this Does it Work test.

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