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Robbery attempt, shooting rattles Carrollton neighborhood

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A Sunday night robbery attemptand shooting has rattled a Carrollton neighborhood, and now neighbors are tryingto regroup to stop the violence.

Police say two men confronteda woman as she was walking on Nelson and Dublin at about 11:30 p.m. They demandedher property, and when she screamed, one of them shot her in the shoulder.

"We're in our houseminding our business, and outside we heard gunshots and a woman screaminghysterically," said Tucker Umbehagan.

"He called 911 we keptlooking out our window," said Umbehagan's roommate, Luke Thames. "We didn'tstep out until police had arrived."

Neighbors said they saw thevictim stumbling down the street. She made her way to a house down the blockand collapsed on the porch.

"She was trying to getsome help," said Rickey Davis, who lives nearby. "She staggered down there toget some help. They got blood on the steps down there."

Neighbors who didn't hearabout the attempted robbery are reading about it on fliers in their mailboxesand on their doors, and the block's Neighborhood Watchcaptain is urging people to turn on their lights at night and watch out foreach other.

"Dear neighbors: A younglady was shot in an attempted robbery in our block as she was walking home fromWalgreens," the fliers read.

The victim washospitalized in stable condition.

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