Darren Sharper to remain jailed in Los Angeles

LOS ANGLES, LA (WVUE) - Former Saint Darren Sharper will remain locked up in the Los Angeles County jail, according to reports by the Los Angeles Times.

A judge decided not release Sharper on bail because of the recent indictment against him in Arizona. According to the report, Sharper's attorney tried to argue that the former football player should be on house arrest, but the judge refused.

Sharper's been locked up in LA since the NOPD obtained arrest warrants for him on two counts of aggravated rape. He's accused of raping two women in the Warehouse District last September.

Sharper, though, has not been formally charged for the crimes. The Los Angeles judge said last week she couldn't hold Sharper indefinitely unless he was charged in New Orleans.

But just 24 hours before Thursday's hearing, an Arizona grand jury indicted sharper on two counts of sexual assault and three counts of administering dangerous drugs. The Arizona indictment gave prosecutors the opportunity to argue that Sharper should remain in custody.

According to the Tempe police report, two women claim Sharper drugged them and then sexually assaulted them after a night of partying last November.

A third women claims Sharper drugged her too but she says she locked herself in a bedroom before falling asleep.

Sharper's already pleaded not guilty to drug and rape charges in Los Angeles. Besides the charges now in California and Arizona, there's been the arrest warrant for sharper in Louisiana.

He's also been investigated for similar crimes in Nevada and Florida.

Sharper's next hearing is scheduled for March 24th.

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