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Does It Work: Bacon Wave

(Toledo News Now) -

Do you love bacon, but hate the grease and fat that comes with it? There might be a simple solution: a plastic tray to help cook bacon in the microwave, but does it work?

We all know everything's better with bacon. But that perfect cut of pork comes at a price, because it's not exactly healthy. 
Enter the Bacon Wave. This simple tray claims to take out the frying pan mess and keep bacon from sitting in grease while it cooks, making it healthier.

The commercial claims the product does all the work for you, and gives you perfectly prepared, crispy bacon every time.

Burger Bar 419 owner and chef, Moussa Salloukh, says the Monroe Street location alone goes through about 150 pounds of bacon each week. 
The Bacon Wave tray - with its skewers - can hold up to 14 slices. Cooking time depends on how much meat you're using, as well as the wattage of your microwave.

As soon as we put the bacon wave in the microwave, we also stuck a tray in the oven -- just to compare. After 10 minutes, side by side, they look almost identical.

"Can't tell the difference," said Salloukh.
But, the taste test!
"It's a little tougher," said Salloukh. "It's going to be a kind of experimental thing at first. It might be eight minutes. It might be 10 minutes. It might be seven."
The Bacon Wave promises to separate bacon from unwanted grease so you have less fat, calories and cholesterol, but beware: grease does pool in the bottom of the tray.

"See all the grease there? Grease burns are probably some of the worst ones to deal with in the kitchen, so you want to take it out nice and slow," explained Salloukh.
What grade does this experienced restaurateur give Bacon Wave? B+!

"The bacon crisped up, not as well as what we did in the oven at 500 degrees, but not a bad product actually," said Salloukh. "It tastes pretty good."

The $10.99 Bacon Wave cooks up a passing grade in this week's does it work test.

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