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Good Eggs specializes in locally-produced groceries on demand

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Local meats, produce, breads and dairy can be sent directly to your doorstep - literally. 

Good Eggs is a food-gathering and delivery company that is piloting a new marketplace in the New Orleans area. Behind the scenes at Good Eggs, Tess Monaghan and her staff toss local produce, meats, breads and dairy into customer-specific bins.

Each product is picked out by customers online, where there's a picture of the food available for purchase, the price and a summary of the local business customers can buy from. 

"Transparency is a huge part of our mission. We believe that it's so important to be able to know where your food comes from," said Monaghan.

Under "Winter Fruits and Veggies," customers can click on parsley, for example, and learn about farmer Elvia Chauvin.

"A lot of times I eat my lunch in the garden. I walk by, pick this, eat that. Pick that, eat this," said Chauvin.

He sells organic produce, and he was proud to say it is as fresh as it gets.

"It was picked less than an hour ago. It's dino kale that was picked at the farm we have at Café Hope in Marrero," said Chauvin.

Chauvin said through Good Eggs, he has 230 unique customers. He said he is able to sell much more than he could just at the Hollygrove Farmers Market, and he's looking to expand his farm.

"I'm actually looking for another location now to have at least 2 to 5 acres," said Chauvin.

Monaghan says Good Eggs works closely with farmers markets to try to find new producers, or encourage farmers to grow more in order to fill the demand for fresh local product. 

"We'll go reach out to a new dairy for example. Someone from Hollygrove and someone from our team will go together and say, 'hey, we want to sell your product in New Orleans. Between Hollygrove and good eggs we have a really good market for this,'" said Monaghan .

"I try to use as much local stuff as I can, so I buy a lot of my ingredients through Good Eggs," said Alli Sondak of Bakery NoBlé.

Sondak tested the market for gluten-free sweets by selling items like her popular queso-cakes on Good Eggs. 

"Especially because you can subscribe to things and get a discount. So, I always get my milk and buttermilk," said Sondak.

Subscribing means an automatic delivery of your everyday items brought to your doorstep weekly. Or, there's the option to take it one bag at a time as, Monaghan says, thousands of shop local-conscious New Orleans customers have already done.

"With every dollar spent at Good Eggs, 75 cents goes into the pocket of the farmer or local food producer," said Monaghan .

Monaghan said it's a mission-based company, and she's working to make sure this new market exchange takes root in New Orleans.

Delivery costs between $1.99 and $3.99, and there's no minimum order required. There are also free pick-up locations. 

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