Cannizzaro: Darren Sharper investigation is expanding

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - While Darren Sharper hasn't been officially charged in New Orleans for the alleged aggravated rape of two women, District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro says the investigation into what happened is expanding.

"We have been in contact with the prosecutors with the other states, so that there is an open line of communication so that we're all sort of trying to work in the same direction," Cannizzaro said.

Sharper has already pleaded not guilty to drug and rape charges in Los Angeles. While he posted bail on those charges, last week a judge held him without bond in the Los Angeles County Jail on separate drug and sexual assault charges stemming from an alleged attack in Arizona. He's also being investigated for similar crimes in Nevada, Florida and here in New Orleans.

Cannizzaro now confirms his office is working with prosecutors in those four states to interview the alleged victims.

"Many of the other witnesses, for instance, in the California case, the Arizona case, allegations in Nevada and in Florida - many of those witnesses can be brought into our charge in Louisiana," Cannizzaro said.

FOX 8 legal analyst Joe Raspanti said the law allows for the testimony of alleged victims in other jurisdictions to be admitted into evidence if it's deemed to show a pattern of behavior.

Cannizzaro said prosecutors in all of the states involved are also hoping the alleged victims in the New Orleans incident will testify in their jurisdictions.

In the meantime, Cannizzaro isn't indicating when possible charges against Sharper will be brought in New Orleans.

"That's because he is in custody in another state, and we do not have any specific time period within to bring charges, since the charge of aggravated rape carries a life sentence. We are not up against the clock to bring charges against him," he said.

Sharper remains jailed in Los Angeles. Arizona authorities say they will not seek to extradite Sharper until the case in California is resolved.

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