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Movie Madness: Hooks, crooks and Canucks

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The Movie Madness Sweet 16 will commence on Monday, March 31.

(RNN) - Hickory High might have beaten a bigger school to win the Indiana state championship, but they need their ice skates to get past Gordon Bombay's ragtag Ducks.

The Chitwood Region of the bracket begins play featuring inspirational tearjerkers (Brian's Song), slapstick buffoonery (Happy Gilmore) and criminals (The Longest Yard).

By the way, Seabiscuit's jockey, John "Red" Pollard, was born in Canada. But the guy who played him, Tobey Maguire, was not.

It's about equal opportunity, you know.

No. 1 Hoosiers vs. No. 8 The Mighty Ducks

Hoosiers, 1986

Stars: Gene Hackman, Dennis Hopper, Barbara Hershey

Synopsis: Buddy gets the rock to Jimmy Chitwood at the top of the key and he buries it. "Hickory wins! Hickory wins!" Everybody hugs and cries. The eyes of Coach Dale (Hackman) and Myra Fleener (Hershey) meet in the midst of great celebration. The tiny school with six players, a tainted head coach and a drunk assistant (Hopper) make it all the way to the state finals and win by playing their best and letting the rest take care of itself.

The Mighty Ducks, 1992

Stars: Emilio Estevez, Joshua Jackson

Synopsis: Still haunted by his former glory on the ice, big-time lawyer Gordon Bombay's punishment for a DUI is to coach a little league hockey team. The talented but unorganized team of Ducks takes youth hockey by storm and faces Bombay's old team and coach as underdogs.

No. 2 Brian's Song vs. No. 7 Seabiscuit

Brian's Song, 1971

Stars: James Caan, Billy Dee Williams

Synopsis: This made-for-TV drama tells the true story of Chicago Bears greats Gale Sayers and Brian Piccolo. They struck an unlikely friendship that broke social barriers during a time when the country was still dealing with racial tensions. That friendship lasted through Piccolo's illness and eventual death.

Seabiscuit, 2003

Stars: Tobey Maguire, Jeff Bridges, Chris Cooper

Synopsis: Maguire plays Red Pollard, a partially blind jockey with little career success. Businessman Charles Howard (Bridges) puts Pollard in the saddle atop Seabiscuit, an undersized thoroughbred with equally scant racing credentials. Their path to success becomes a symbol for the blue-collar struggle, and America falls in love with the little horse that could.

No. 4 The Longest Yard vs. No. 5 Happy Gilmore

The Longest Yard, 1974

Stars: Burt Reynolds, Eddie Albert

Synopsis: Former professional quarterback Paul Crewe (Reynolds) is disgraced by a point shaving scandal and sentenced to prison. There he assembles a team of inmates to play against a team of guards. Fueled by their contempt of the guards, the inmates have a solid chance of winning but the warden (Albert) threatens to frame Crewe for a murder if he doesn't throw the game. Crewe agrees, but changes his mind and mounts a comeback when he sees the warden isn't holding up his end of the deal.

Happy Gilmore, 1996

Stars: Adam Sandler, Christopher McDonald, Julie Bowen

Synopsis: Rejected hockey player Happy Gilmore (Sandler) takes his hockey skills to the golf course to save his grandmother's house. Happy joins the PGA Tour but later learns his hockey player mentality doesn't fit well among professional golfers. Perhaps a fist fight with Bob Barker is one of the many indications Happy is in over his head.

No. 6 Friday Night Lights vs. No. 14 Varsity Blues

Friday Night Lights, 2004

Stars: Billy Bob Thornton, Tim McGraw, Connie Britton

Synopsis: Based on the successful book by H.G. Bissinger which profiled football in Odessa, TX. The blue-collar community, which has seen better days, relies on the football team to win. That expectation piles extreme pressure on the players and especially the coach (Thornton), but through it all they remember "clear eyes and full hearts can't lose."

Varsity Blues, 1999

Stars: James Van Der Beek, John Voight, Paul Walker

Synopsis: Jonathan Moxon (Van Der Beek), a second-string quarterback at a Texas high school, gets the chance to start after the starting quarterback suffers a career-ending injury. "Mox" finds that being the starter brings a lot of popularity, along with pressure, in a town where high school football is nothing short of a religion.

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  • No. 1 Hoosiers vs. No. 8 The Mighty Ducks

  • Thank you for participating in our poll. Here are the results so far:

    49 votes
    The Mighty Ducks
    26 votes
  • No. 2 Brian's Song vs. No. 7 Seabiscuit

  • Thank you for participating in our poll. Here are the results so far:

    Brian's Song
    46 votes
    20 votes
  • No. 4 The Longest Yard vs. No. 5 Happy Gilmore

  • Thank you for participating in our poll. Here are the results so far:

    The Longest Yard
    46 votes
    Happy Gilmore
    25 votes
  • No. 6 Friday Night Lights vs. No. 14 Varsity Blues

  • Thank you for participating in our poll. Here are the results so far:

    Friday Night Lights
    42 votes
    Varsity Blues
    26 votes
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