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Doctors Diagnose Pelicans' Davis With Soft Tissue Injury in Left Ankle

SAN ANTONIO, TX (WVUE) -- New Orleans Pelicans star forward Anthony Davis is sidelined with a soft tissueinjury in his left ankle. The injury kept Davis out of Saturday's contest withSan Antonio Spurs, although Davis did travel with the team and  sat on thebench dressed in his team warm ups instead of in a suit.

Asfar as if or when Davis will return to action, Head Coach Monty Williams wasvague.

"It'sa soft tissue injury," Williams said. "We'll see how he feels tomorrow and takeit from there."

Davis' injury is a result of thegrind of the season: the wear and tear of being just 21-years old and playingthe most minutes in almost all of the Pelicans games this season, according tothe team.

Davis exited Friday's game in NewOrleans against the Utah Jazz after just 4 minutes of play. There was noobvious injury or contact. Instead, General Manager Dell Demps explained Davis'ankle flared up during warm ups, and although Davis tried to play through, thepain was too great.

The Pelicans only have nine gamesleft before the season ends and are firmly out of the playoff picture, whichleads one to ponder if Davis would be better off resting his ankle thanreturning for the last few matchups of the season.

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