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Video of man arrested for battery on a police officer goes viral

(Source: YouTube) (Source: YouTube)

A River Ridge man booked with battery on a police officer and resisting arrest claims he was the victim. Some of the incident was caught on camera in a video that has gone viral.

Donrell Breaux, 26, said on Saturday he and a friend were talking loud on the porch in the 200 block of Marmandie Ave. when a neighbor called police to complain about the noise.

The neighbor called to complain about profanity and the smell of what might be marijuana, according to a Jefferson parish Sheriff's Office spokesman Col. John Fortunato. The neighbor said he asked Breaux and a friend to stop cursing, but then one of the men started yelling profanity laced sentences at the neighbor's family.

A deputy arrived and as he walked towards Breaux and another man, he said he could smell marijuana, according to Fortunato. The deputy asked for identification and Breaux said it was inside the residence. As the deputy and Breaux walked to the front door, the deputy told Breaux he was under arrest. The officer followed him to the doorway, where the video begins. In the video, Breaux tries to close the door but the officer goes in and attempts to restrainhim.

Breaux said he is the real victim, so he uploaded the video in hopes of inspiring other minorities to stand up for their rights.

"This time is the time for people to learn, stand up, fight for your rights as a young minority. Use your phones. It's valuable. Just make them do their job," Breaux said.

A neighbor in the area said the altercation started before the first scene you see in the video and that the deputy asked Breaux to talk to him when they were outside. He said Breaux refused.

Breaux was eventually placed into handcuffs and taken into custody. Investigators did not charge him with any drug crimes.

Breaux was released from jail.

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