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Wrestlemania fans come to N.O. from all over the world

Thousands of visitors from all over the world are filling the French Quarter in advance of one of the entertainment world's main events.

This year's "Wrestlemania 30" is expected to break records

If you go to the Quarter this weekend, you may be amazed. Accents from all over the world can be heard on the streets, a testament to the appeal of the wrestling world's biggest show.

"It's not comparable with anything else, it's the best entertainment," said Chris Franzen, from Germany.

They are all here for Wrestlemania, a glitzy sport-slash-entertainment event with a massive following that's expected to pack the Dome.

"First time ever to New Orleans, this city is amazing," said Gary Sterling, from Kentucky.

And they all have their favorites. Each wrestler, like "Triple H," has a special victory move, and visitors were more than happy to demonstrate.

It's a different sort of crowd that caught those in town for other conventions a bit off guard.

"I think it's a wild bunch - you see all sorts," said Max Schuster of Detroit.

But not all of these wrestling fans are on Bourbon Street. Many are trickling over to Royal, creating some interesting challenges for art dealers there. No T-shirts or drinks here, but gallery owners like the crowd.

"'I've seen a couple of people come in and they've purchased some things from me, so it's good," said Jean Paul Pinel, of Sutton galleries.

But the real show is at the Dome, where 400 people have been working on the massive Wrestlemania stage and keeping it a tight secret.

"It's an experience built for the Mercedes-Benz Superdome," said Wrestlemania special events coordinator John Saboor.

While one wrestler will take it all Sunday, the city has already scored. Nearly 150,000 visitors are expected.

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