After Further Review: Bailey signing provides intrigue for Saints

I'm curious about Champ Bailey.

I'm curious if he can be the player he once was. I'm curious if he is going to be washed up. I am curious to see what he has left in the tank. I'm curious to see what position he plays.

And finally, I'm curious to see if the Saints' gamble on him pays off.

I've heard passionate arguments on both sides of the aisle on the Bailey signing. Some say it's a waste; others think he can still be the premier player he was that put on him on the All-Decade team.

All fair points, but for me this is all about intrigue. When you break it all down, Bailey is just intriguing enough to take a chance on.

His detractors are saying just watch the Super Bowl where he was torched repeatedly. I can't disagree.
But I also can't overlook his entire resume, one that includes 12 Pro Bowls and at one time was the best cornerback in the game.

Some have criticized the Saints for giving a 35-year old a two year deal worth up to $7million.

Stop it.

If there is one thing we've learned this offseason from the Saints it's that Mickey Loomis isn't in the business of giving out bad contracts. UP TO $7million clearly signals it's an incentive-laden contract. If Bailey reaches those incentives he will get the money. If he gets that money, he would be clearly giving the Saints the production they want out of him.

Plus, the Saints need veteran experience. With Jonathan Vilma, Will Smith, Roman Harper, Jabari Greer, Lance Moore and Darren Sproles all gone, over fifty years of NFL experience has left the building. With Bailey, 15 years will be coming back in.  That's important and one factor that has been overlooked in this offseason's overhaul.

The pros and cons on Bailey are out there, now we wait to see what kind of player he becomes in New Orleans.