Fred said it

I find it interesting that it seems to be okay for the court of public opinion to try and convict former Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson of gang affiliations - with no verification, mind you - while actions concerning troubled Colts' owner Jim Irsay personally and with the law are measured by the NFL.

Fatherhood is important. That's why Major League Baseball is the first sport to provide 72 hours of paternity leave to players whose wives are giving birth. Good for baseball. Good for Daniel Murphy of the Mets, who missed opening day to be with his wife on the occasion of the birth of the couple's first child. Bad for New York sports talk hosts Mike Francessa, Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton, who lit into Murphy on the air. Francessa called paternity leave a "scam and a half." Esiason went further, saying Murphy's wife should have had a C-section before the season so the player wouldn't miss any time. His co-host Carton went right along.

Let's see: wrong, arrogant, insensitive, ignorant, irresponsible. All words I could use to describe their comments which were, at best, in bad taste. By the way, big leaguers Carl Crawford and Jimmy Rollins have taken paternity leave as well. Good for them and for those who take advantage of this special time to be with family at this special time in the future.

Oh, to be Vince McMahon. He is THE man behind the WWE - World Wrestling Entertainment. Wrestlemania XXX was staged here in New Orleans. Gross take at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome? A whopping $10.9 million, the biggest take for an entertainment event in the history of the building. More than 75,000 fans in attendance, all buying a T-shirt, a replica belt, a fake Hulk Hogan moustache - something. All that merchandise and all that revenue without any of the sharing. Did I mention $60 each for the pay-per-view telecast?

Unlike pro leagues like, say, the NFL, there is no commissioner, only McMahon. No owners to share the revenues with - only McMahon. No player's union or collective bargaining - only McMahon. For the boss, it's all gravy and no grease. Straight cash with no middle man. I'm not mad at him, I'm just saying.

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