NOPD: surveillance video shows contract-worker stealing $594,000 from a Bourbon Street bar safe

Source: NOPD
Source: NOPD

Police search for more than half a million dollars in cash that was stolen from a Bourbon Street bar safe.

44-year-old Vincent Randazzo was arrested for the theft. Bar owners identified Randazzo as someone who they often hired to do contracted work.

An undercover private investigator hired by the bar owners said Randazzo was, "known and trusted," by the bar owners. He said they, "knew his family, knew his wife knew his children."

Lt. Anthony Caprera of NOPD's 8th District said police recovered a fraction of the missing cash from Randazzo.

While the police investigation continues, the bar owners are offering a $25,000 reward to anyone who can lead them to the rest of the stolen money.

Surveillance video shows how police believe $594,000 in cash was stolen from the Bourbon Cowboy office safe.

Police say the video shows Vincent Randazzo entering the bar just after 6:00 a.m. on Tuesday, March 25.

At 6:13 a.m., video shows a man entering the office where the safe is located. At that point, the man was empty handed and wearing a loose, unzipped jacket.

Soon after, video shows the man leaving the office with a stuffed backpack strapped to his shoulder. Another camera captured him bringing the backpack into the air conditioning room. He then exits the room without the backpack, but with his jacket zipped and his hands in his front pocket.

"He donned a certain coat and stuffed the cash in it," the private investigator said.

According to police documents, detectives said Randazzo was "concealing an extremely large object," and his "hands appear to be holding the object from falling."

The private investigator said that object was really pounds of cash.

"$500,000 in $100 bills is probably about maybe 40 pounds," the private investigator said.

The money in the safe was of all denominations. The private investigator said it was cash made over a few weeks from Bourbon Cowboy and the two other Bourbon Street bars under the same ownership: The Beach and The Swamp.

Police say within days, they arrested Randazzo, seized a vehicle he allegedly paid for in cash, and confiscated $57,000 they found in his possession.

"Clearly the victim's money by the way it was bundled together," the private investigator said.

"Our goal is to run this out as far as we can and ultimately recover all of the property taken from the victim. That's what we're working towards," Lt. Anthony Caprera of NOPD's 8th district said.

While the police investigation continues, the bar owners turn to the public. They're offering a $25,000 reward to anyone with information that can lead to the rest of the money.

"These people earned that money. They want their money back," said the private investigator.

Randazzo posted his $32,000 bond. His lawyer did not want to make a comment.

If you have information about the missing money and want the $25,000 reward, call the private investigator at 504-455-6077. The investigator said your call will be kept confidential.

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