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St. Tammany Parish District Attorney Walter Reed has resigned as attorney for the St. Tammany Hospital Board.

His resignation follows a series of investigative reports by Lee Zurik and Nola.com | The Times Picayune, 'Louisiana Purchased.'

The hospital board read Reed's resignation letter at their meeting Wednesday.

Reed reports to the state that, since 2008, he has been making $30,000 a year working for the hospital, which is a public institution. Reed responded in a letter to FOX 8 that he has been doing work there "for over 15 years." Every month, the hospital wrote Reed a $2,500 check.

The hospital told FOX 8 by email it had "no contract or agreement… in place." And there were "no invoices" or anything else that shows what he did to earn the money.

For more on this investigation, visit our Louisiana Purchased section.

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