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Does It Work: Sticky Buddy

Sticky Buddy in action Sticky Buddy in action
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If you have a pets or kids, it's hard to avoid a mess. There is a tool that could help you keep your house and car clean after inevitable messes happen. We try it before you buy it in this week's Does It Work test.

The Sticky Buddy is advertised to have the power of glue without the goo so you can pick up anything.

"Dog hair, cat hair, spouse hair, mouse hair. Cookie crumbs, kitty litter, bird seed or lint," states the commercial.

The Gensler household contains a dog, a guinea pig and a rabbit, so there is no shortage of hair in the home.

"A traditional lint roller does not work for me and I always resort to duct tape and that doesn't work for me either," said Debbie Gensler.

Gensler is excited to test the Sticky Buddy. She is quick to get it out of the package and onto her couch.

"It's definitely picking it up. Oh my gosh," said Gensler. "Yes. Look at that! This is better than the ones I use and it's better than duct tape."

Once it's covered in guinea pig hair she heads to the sink to wash it off. The directions say to use lukewarm water and pat dry.

"It washed real easily. It just rinsed right off," said Gensler.

Next up is a coat covered in dog hair.

"It's looking good. Can't even tell we have a dog in the house anymore," said Gensler.

Now it's time for the moment of truth.

"I would give it an A because the guinea pig hair is gone and the dog hair is gone off the couch and off the coat. I'm impressed. And it still worked after you washed it! And you get a bonus one to carry with you, because we have dog fur in the car," said Gensler.

There you have it. The $6.99 Sticky Buddy cleaned up with a perfect passing grade in this week's Does It Work test.

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