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Carriage accident happened after horse lost bit


A historic Savannah Carriage ride turned into a nightmare on Monday for a Sleepy Hollow, NY family and most of downtown Savannah.

"The children were very upset, but they didn't get hurt and that was the big thing," said Liz Lee, whose truck was damaged in the chaos.

The horse lost control near Ellis Square, taking off across six blocks, ejecting the driver and crashing into several cars before finally calming down near Bull Street.

Several carriage companies, like Southern Rose Buddy Tours in Beaufort said there are measures you can take to help prevent a horse from getting spooked.

"It's a scary moment because you've basically lost control of the horse in so many respects," said Peter White with Southern Rose Buggy Tours. "It's like being on a hill with a car with no brakes."

According to the crash report, the carriage driver reported that this all started when the horse lost its bit, something White said must be checked.

"When you go out with your horse, it's important to check the gear, that it's fitted properly," said White. "That can happen for one reason or another. Either the wrong bridle or that it wasn't harnessed properly or adjusted properly."

White said is something malfunctions with the gear, especially the bridle, the house sees a scary new world.

"So when there are taken away all of a sudden his field of view is full of all kinds of new things, and he's not maybe sure on how to deal with them and he would rather flee from it and turn around and see what's going on and that's where the spooking and the running comes from," said White.

Historic Savannah Carriage Company said they are saddened by the situation and are cooperating with all agencies involved.

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