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Investigators: Man kills wife and son

Ronald Green Sr. (Source: East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office) Ronald Green Sr. (Source: East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office)
Dewona Green (Source: Family) Dewona Green (Source: Family)
Ron Green Jr. (Source: Family) Ron Green Jr. (Source: Family)
Deputies responded to the home and found two people dead inside. Deputies responded to the home and found two people dead inside.
Shattered glass is in the doorway of the home. Shattered glass is in the doorway of the home.

Authorities said a man broke into the home of his estranged wife, killing her and their 12-year-old son, early Thursday morning.

The Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office reported Dewona Green, 40, and Ron Green Jr. were found shot to death in their home on Lakeway Cove Avenue, off LA 44, in Gonzales. Chief Deputy Tony Bacala with APSO said Ronald Green Sr., 44, allegedly broke into the home and killed them.

"Well, it was one of those terrible tragedies," said Bacala. "It's a domestic violence issue."

Bacala said Dewona Green was shot in her bed and then Ron Green Jr. was shot. He added the first call about the shooting was from the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office after deputies there received a report shortly before 2 a.m.

Joe Wright, Dewona's uncle, says his niece had been on his mind on Wednesday.  He wasn't sure why, but he was somewhat worried.  He says early Thursday morning, his sister, Dewona's mother, called him and he learned his niece and great-nephew had been killed.

"To lose both of them at the same time...I would've thought they'd be burying me.  I've got to bury them.  It's just, it's tough," Wright said.

"Ron Green called someone in East Baton Rouge and said, 'Look, I just killed my wife and my son and I'm about to jump off of a bridge in the Mississippi River,'" Bacala added.

Bacala said EBRSO contacted APSO and deputies went to the home to investigate. They reportedly arrived to find the front glass door shattered and upon entering the home, found the victims in a bedroom.

"I don't know what I would say to him right now," said Joe Wright, Dewona Green's uncle. "It's so much anger inside of me right now because of what happened. I just don't see how he could...what could possibly push him to the extreme to do something this tragic. He caused a lot of hurt on our family."

Investigators said Green's car was found atop the Veterans Memorial Bridge in Gramercy. They added the car was still running. Authorities said there is a strong possibility he may have jumped off the bridge, but the search for him continues as though he is still alive. Deputies are scouring the area where the car was found for any indications of Green's whereabouts.

Detectives have secured arrest warrants for him for two counts of first-degree murder and violation of a restraining order.

Authorities said the couple had recently separated and deputies were actually called out to the home the previous week for an incident. Following that incident, Bacala said the Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office Domestic Violence Unit assisted her in getting the restraining order against her husband.

Bacala added Ronald Green Sr. was served the restraining order at the couple's home on April 11 and deputies stayed while he gathered clothes and left. According to reports, deputies warned him he would be arrested if he returned to the home or tried to contact his wife.

Bacala stated reports show Ronald Green Sr. was arrested in East Baton Rouge Parish the very next day for violation of protective orders. He added Green was taken to jail and later bonded out. Documents show his bond was set at $2,500.

Ron Green Jr. was a seventh grade student at Central Middle School in Gonzales. Bacala said measures are being put in place to assist students with coping with the tragedy.

"We've already made contact with the school where the 12-year-old attended and the principal and the school staff are going to be prepared in the morning for any needs that may exist for the students on campus," Bacala explained.

According to the probable cause report, Dewona Green told investigators she was at her grandmother's house on April 12 and her husband showed up, asking to see their son. Reports indicate she allowed Ronald Green Sr. to speak with their son and they had a brief conversation. She reportedly stated her husband followed her vehicle when she and her son left her grandmother's home.

According to the report, Dewona Green turned into the terminal of the CATS station after seeing a police car and Ronald Green Sr. made a U-turn after he saw the officer. Police reportedly found him in the parking lot of the CATS station and he was arrested after Ron Green Jr. reportedly confirmed the information his mother had given.

The investigation is ongoing.

A candlelight vigil will be held to honor Dewona Green and her son Ron Green Jr. The vigil will be held Saturday, April 19, 2014 at 8 p.m. on Lakeway Cove Ave., off of Hwy 44 in Gonzales.

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