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City finalizes bid to host record 11th Super Bowl

The City of New Orleans is now putting the finishing touches on its bid to host a record 11th Super Bowl. It's one that could be the icing on the city's birthday cake.

The bid will include a lot of expensive bells and whistles in hopes of luring an event that would be a big part of the city's 300th birthday celebration.

Construction workers rush to complete Tulane's new Yulman football stadium in time for the fall season, and though the stadium will push the Greenwave away from the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, it may figure prominently as a practice venue to bring America's biggest sporting event back to the dome.

"We submitted a letter saying this would be available, and invited them to visit," said Tulane athletic director Rick Dickson.

When the Super Bowl was last held in New Orleans in 2013, Tulane was the host for the AFC champion Baltimore Ravens, and stadium construction was an issue.

"We laid out a practice field by our baseball stadium, which is not ideal," said Dickson.

This time around, the new stadium will be finished and its features are a big part of the city's bid to host Super Bowl 52 in 2018.

"It's a dramatic impact," said Dickson. "We will have a first-grade stadium, brand-new turf, also brand-new practice facility and the other things you need, comparable to how the NFL operates at home."

Sources say the bid will include major enhancements to the dome that will last until long after the Super Bowl. The bid committee pledges to add video screens throughout the dome, including new HD jumbo screens in the end zones. They will also promise a new visitors' locker room, equal to home team facilities, and improvements to the control room.

"We're not taking the competition lightly," said Mark Romig, with the New Orleans Tourism and Marketing Corporation.

New Orleans will bid against Indianapolis and Minneapolis, which has built a new stadium, as it tries to land Super Bowl 52 and its estimated half-billion-dollar economic impact.

"It will tell the world how important New Orleans has been for it's 300th year," said Romig.

The bid for a record 11th New Orleans Super Bowl is now being finalized and will be sent to the NFL on May 7.

Officials in all the competing cities are being tight-lipped about the details of their bids. As one city official said, it's like a high-stakes poker game and all sides are concerned about showing their hand.

Formal presentations for Super Bowl 52 will be made to NFL owners at their May 20 meeting in Atlanta, where a vote on the host city will likely be taken.

City officials hope another Super Bowl will keep driving a  positive tourism picture. Last year, the city set a record for tourism dollars, generating almost $6.5 billion in economic impact.

The 2013 Super Bowl contributed about 8 percent to that record.

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