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Best friend of murdered Reserve couple targeted by gunman


There were new developments in the investigation into the double homicide of a Reserve couple, as gunfire erupted at the home of the dead couple's best friend.

It was not the entertainment Joshua Jones planned as he threw a birthday party for his twin children. With 30 kids playing outside his Reserve home, someone in a green car with gold rims drove up and started making threats.

"He got out the car, and said 'you gonna die, and we gonna kill you,'" Jones said.

Jones has been living in fear since the murder of his best friend, Kenneth Joseph, and his wife, Lakeitha, who lived across the street.

Police have arrested one person, Frank Mike Jr., but they are looking for others. And Jones can't believe he was targeted Saturday with children everywhere.

"He jumped back in the car, and shot all in the yard," Jones said. "Everyone got down, kids running around, kids went inside."

Jones returned fire as the gunman went around the block and shot up a rear fence and a home  with as many as 10 shots.

Jones isn't sure why anyone would want to kill him or his children, but he does have some clues.

"It's really about the dog," he said.

Jones believes he's being targeted by a gunman who wants the two pit bulls the Josephs left behind, "Sky" and "Blue."

"It was never their dog," Jones said, talking about the gunman. "They never had possession. It was from my best friend. That's all I have to remember him by is his dog."

Jones has rejected an offer to be placed in protective custody, saying, "They offered it to me, but I've got four kids and a wife, and I'm not going to leave them out, and something happens to them."

For now, Jones is relieved that none of the children were struck, by the barrage of bullets.

"I'm real relieved," he said. "It was more than my kids. How can I explain it to the parents that their kids got shot over some foolishness?"

Crimestoppers is offering a reward for information leading to the arrest of the gunman.

Frank Mike Jr., who was arrested for taking the Joseph's stolen car to Georgia before their bodies were found in the Intracoastal Waterway, made an appearance in federal magistrate court Monday afternoon and pleaded not guilty. His trial was set for June 30. He remains in federal custody, held without bond.

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