Merritt Landry's attorney speaks out about his client's case

Attorney Kevin Boshea
Attorney Kevin Boshea

Attorney Kevin Boshea broke his silence Wednesday about the case of his client, Merritt Landry.

"When I took this case, I literally thought of myself and my own family, what would I do if I had one second to make that decision," Boshea said.

Landry shot Marshall Coulter in the head last July after he said the 14-year-old hopped the fence of his Marigny home. At the time of the shooting, Landry said Coulter appeared to be reaching for something.

"What happened is that an individual was confronted at 1:45 in the morning with an intruder 25 feet from his door. Inside was his family, his wife, his children and he had one second to make that decision," Boshea said.

Boshea thinks his client acted rationally.

"He acted in order to defend his wife, his children as well as himself. I feel his actions were justified under those circumstances," Boshea said.

Landry, though, was arrested and booked with attempted second-degree murder, but the case stalled before an Orleans Parish Grand Jury.

The DA's office has yet to decide whether to move forward with the case.

In the meantime, Coulter has found himself in legal trouble.

The teenager is locked up for allegedly committing a simple burglary Friday in the 2000 block of Royal Street.

On that same day, Ken Caron said he captured Coulter on his home surveillance video attempting to break into his house.

"I'd seen the news reports, and I put two and two together. I said, 'oh my God that's Marshall Coulter,'" said Caron.

While in custody, police booked him on another crime from 2012.

In that incident, police said Coulter broke into a home on Frenchman Street and committed an aggravated burglary, which is a crime of violence. Coulter allegedly stole the victim's gun and then used it to threaten the homeowner.

Boshea said he wasn't at all surprised by Coulter's arrest.

"Our investigation had revealed that Marshall had a history of burglaries, but they weren't just burglaries. We had a reason to believe they were acts of violence. We had a reason to believe he was responsible for the aggravated burglary of which he was just recently arrested," Boshea said.

Boshea is hoping the teen's arrests will make a difference in the case against Merritt Landry.

"I'm hoping that the District Attorney will consider these recent developments and I'm confident that Mr. Cannizzaro will make the right decisions," he said.

We reached out to Coulter's attorney, who refused to comment.

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