After Further Review: Payton true to form with Cooks' trade

(APPhoto) Sean Payton aggressive nature helped him land Brandin Cooks
(APPhoto) Sean Payton aggressive nature helped him land Brandin Cooks

The talk before the NFL draft was if the Saints were going to trade the 27th pick in the first round, it was most likely to move back.

Well the Saints flipped the script and moved up seven spots to take Oregon St. wide receiver Brandin Cooks.

It was bold. It was aggressive. It was vintage Sean Payton.

It's simply not in Payton's DNA to stand pat and hope a player falls in his lap. He saw an opportunity and pursued it like it was a two-minute drill on a game-winning drive.

All he needed was a break. And he got it when the New York Jets, picking 18th, went with safety Calvin Pryor.

"We really sat on that pick waiting," Payton said afterwards. "They went the direction of safety and that all of the sudden made it apparent that this could happen."

And it did. All it cost them was their third round pick to the Cardinals.

As a tough, team-first, high character guy, Cooks is exactly the type of player the Saints love. But as a slot receiver with 4.3 speed, he's also a player the Saints have never had, at least not under Payton.

Cooks has the quickness of Darren Sproles but does it at the line of scrimmage and combines it with the route running and wide receiver IQ of Lance Moore. Neither Sproles nor Moore has the pure jets that Cooks' possesses; he ran the fastest 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine.

Throw in his durability and versatility in special teams and one can see why the Saints were willing to make a deal.

Now they have their man and got him the only way their head coach knows how.

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