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Crawfish prices drop in time for Mother's Day

NEW ORLEANS, LA - Crawfish prices drop in time for this graduation and holiday weekend.

Crawfish were washed, sorted and prepared for the weekend rush at Catchnet Seafood in New Orleans East.

"Pull out all the dead, any fish turtles, anything that's not supposed to be in there and wash them up good," Catchnet owner Kent Bondi demonstrated. "You can smell it all through the neighborhood."

Inside, customers packed the shop.

"I love crawfish because it's just so good," said customer Isis Labeaud.

This time of year on a Friday, customers buy nearly 6,000 lbs at the Catchnet counter, but Bondi said he'll sell twice that much on Sunday.

"Mother's day that will be a quick 10,000 lbs morning," said Bondi, "about a quarter of it boiled and the rest live."

"I'm going to get a sack and a half. I'm going to order for my mother and my family like we do every year, and we're going to get some shrimps and have a beautiful day for my mom," said customer Melvan Mason.

Just in time for the holiday, after a cold winter and a rough start to the season, Bondi said the crawfish are finally what everyone anticipates both in size and in price.

Friday, Bondi was selling his boiled for $2.75/lb and live at $1.75/lb.

"They're loving the price, but the question always is is it coming down some more? Which, typically maybe next week we might see another little break," said Bondi.

"Now's the time to eat crawfish if you like crawfish," said James White of Cajuns Seafood.

Across the city, Cajun's Seafood on Carrollton (previously Kjeans) will try to be open for last minute customers on the shop's first Mother's Day since reopening in March.

"We have a lot of orders right now. We're trying to get as many as we can but with this weather I don't know what's going to happen. We might run up short, but I hope not," said White.

Their live bugs will go for $1.99/lb.

"They're doing good they're doing real good right now they get nice," said White.

Bondi expects the good crawfish to be available for another 4 to 8 weeks.

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