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St. Charles businesses clean up after Friday deluge

Shop owners along a stretch of St. Charles Ave. were still drying out Monday after Friday's heavy rains.

For some, the damage was minimal, and nothing in comparison to other storms that have struck the area.

Bob Rue said his Sarouk Shop on St. Charles Avenue got several inches of water that came up quickly into his imported rug store.

"There was water in about six feet or seven feet down there, and the rugs were on the floor," Rue said.

But Mother Nature was only part of the problem.

Cars sped at up to 30 mph through the floodwaters, pushing a wake further into Rue's business.

"If there are people walking by, these idiots love to splash them," said Rue.

Rue has a lot of experience at the location, where he has been since 1980. He was here for Katrina, when the billboards he put out became known the world over. The signs told the world that Rue was "sleeping inside with a big dog and an ugly woman," and warned people not to loot. He thought about putting up another sign Friday night, to try and get drivers to slow down, but decided against it.

"They're not gonna read it, they go too fast," Rue said.

Rue said if he had a raised building, like some of the city's older structures, he would have been fine. But for now, he said it's simply a matter of drying the carpets out.

"Hope the colors don't run," he said.

After all, he said, he has seen worse.

About 10 businesses near St Charles Avenue and Martin Luther King Boulevard took on several inches of water. Other problem spots were along Claiborne Avenue and Prytania Street.

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