Case closed in Darren Sharper Miami sex assault case

MIAMI, FL (WVUE) - Prosecutors in Miami have decided not to charge former Saints player Darren Sharper in a sexual assault case.

Miami Beach police say the assistant state attorney declined to file charges for a number of reasons, including no physical evidence and inconsistent statements made by the victim.

Detectives were never able to locate the people the victim told them were there at the time of the incident.

The original police report said two women from Georgia were visiting Miami for Spring break in 2011.

They claimed they passed out in an apartment with Sharper and another man, and when they woke up, they believe they'd been sexually assaulted.

Sharper remains in custody in Los Angeles where he faces charges he drugged and raped two women.

He is also under investigation in similar cases in Las Vegas, Tempe, Arizona and New Orleans.

Sharper is scheduled to have a hearing Friday in Los Angeles.

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