Slidell community organizer calls for probe of alleged racist emails

SLIDELL, LA (WVUE) - Slidell resident and community organizer Belinda Parker-Brown wants the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's office to investigate one of their own, Capt. Bobby Juge.

Parker-Brown obtained copies of dozens of racially charged emails, apparently received and forwarded by Juge.

"I was very angry. I was very hurt that we're in the 21st Century and we have this kind of sickness, this disease filtering through our community," said Parker-Brown.

The messages contained pictures and text comparing and depicting black men as animals.

Some of the emails attacked President Barack Obama with racial remarks and images, and one message took aim at an Arab man riding in the back of a cab.

"Why would the supervisors allow these types of racist, sexist and inflammatory emails to be passed forward and sent throughout our community, when they could have stopped it in its tracks," said Parker-Brown.

The emails appear to have been sent in 2012 from Juge's private email account.

Parker-Brown brought them to the attention of the St. Tammany Sheriff's office earlier this month.

She received a letter from Sheriff's spokesperson Capt. George Bonnet. It states:

"'Supervisors have discussed this matter individually with the two employees who forwarded some of the content. The employees have been reminded of the importance of maintaining a character above reproach, both on and off the clock. It appears no Sheriff's office resources were used in the dissemination of these emails. Nonetheless, thank you for bringing it to our attention."

"As a black woman, I was insulted. These people need to resign their positions or they need to be fired." said Parker-Brown.

She is refusing to back down.

"The community is outraged about it and we are not going to tolerate it anymore. Yes, we are going to make some noise. We want the whole world to know what's going on in St. Tammany Parish," she said.

We do not know the identity of the second employee mentioned in the letter sent to Parker-Brown.

FOX 8 reached out to Sheriff Jack Strain and received the following statement:

"Although it is right for those in law enforcement to be held to a higher moral standard, it is also important to remember that we are all human beings and all capable of making ill-advised decisions. This issue has been handled internally and is now finished."

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