JP begins distributing new garbage cans

JEFFERSON PARISH, LA (WVUE) - Residents and small businesses in parts of Jefferson Parish will soon begin getting new, bigger garbage cans.  Beginning Monday, May 19th, the parish started delivering the new "tipper" carts to unincorporated areas of Jefferson Parish and the Town of Jean Lafitte.

Each home, apartment, or business will be provided a 95-gallon wheeled cart with attached lid that will be used in place of standard garbage cans.  Smaller 65-gallon carts will be available to elderly and/or disabled residents upon request.  Cart delivery will be phased in, on an area-by-area basis.  It's expected to be completed by September 15, 2014.

Jefferson Parish officials advise residents to begin using the new garbage cans immediately upon receiving it.  It will be the only acceptable container for garbage collection. The carts will hold the equivalent of 3 standard trash cans and can hold up to 200 pounds of household garbage.  The parish recommends residents bag and tie garbage before putting it inside the cart.    Sanitation workers will also pick up heavy duty bags for yard waste.

Jefferson Parish will begin transitioning from manual garbage collection to semi-automated collection, with Progressive Waste Solutions of Louisiana (PWSLA).  Jefferson Parish calls the new system one of the most efficient systems in use today.  The parish says it offers the advantage of a quieter operation, reduction in wind-blown litter, and the ability to roll the cart versus carrying garbage to the curb. Residents will simply roll the cart to the curb, and a garbage truck, featuring an attachment arm, will lift the cart, "tipping" the contents into the garbage truck, and then return the empty cart back to the curb.

On collection day, residents must ensure that the carts are placed curbside on a flat surface with the arrow on the lid of the container pointing toward the street and away from the property. Household garbage placed in the cart will be picked up twice each week.  Collection days and the level of service will not change.

Sanitation workers will continue to pick up bulky items once a week.  Large bulky waste items such as furniture and large appliances that cannot fit in the cart will continue to be collected from residential units only on your scheduled large bulky waste collection day. Bulky waste collection for East Bank residents is on the first scheduled garbage collection day, and for West Bank residents, bulky waste collection is on the second scheduled garbage collection day.  Bulky waste collection is not provided to small business units.

Each home or business is provided one cart for free, and has to remain at the location where it was delivered. If you move from the location, the cart must stay.

Multi-family structures are limited to one (1) Cart per unit, and Small Business units are generally limited to two (2) Carts. Any additional carts, above the one cart provided initially, may be purchased by calling PWSLA at 1-877-747-4374.

Any home requesting additional carts or cart replacement, without a valid police report, shall be charged the wholesale cost plus a 15% shipping and handling fee.  Any additional Carts purchased by a Service Units shall become the property of the Service Unit unless said Cart is a replacement of a lost or stolen cart, with a police report, in which case, the Cart becomes the property of the Parish.

Carts will be maintained, repaired, and replaced by PWSLA. The replacement of Carts shall be PWSLA's responsibility if a cart is stolen and a police report is provided.  If your cart is missing from the property, then a police item number must be presented to receive a replacement cart.

PWSLA shall provide side door service to disabled residents.  Disabled residents must apply to the Department of Environmental Affairs to qualify and facilitate the service.

Recycling collection will continue to be provided once per week.  The program guidelines will remain the same.   The monthly fee for the combined semi-automated garbage and recycling curbside collection services is $15.61 per unit per month, which will be a direct pass-through charge on the water bill.  The rate for the combined garbage/recycling curbside collection services is the same as PWSLA's 2013 rates, even with the new enhanced semi-automated garbage collection service.  In addition to the upgraded tipper cart service, services include once/week bulky waste collection and the operation of four (4) Parish Trash Drop-off Sites, providing one of the most comprehensive solid waste service contracts in the region.

For more information, please contact the Department of Environmental Affairs at (504) 731-4612.

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