Fred said it: Mayweather versus T.I. at burger joint?

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Okay, you'll have to help me understand this one. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is, pound for pound, the most successful boxer in the world. Of the top 50 most highly paid athletes on the planet with a net worth north of $200 million, he is the wealthiest…that according to Forbes Magazine. Why? Because he can fight and he doesn't lose…ever. He is 46-0 as a professional, and has won his fights via knockout more than 56 percent of the time. His latest victory came over Marcos Maidana by decision three weeks ago in Las Vegas.

Mayweather has held championship belts in five different weight classes. Five. He is, by all accounts, what is known as a "bad man."  Not to be messed with. Not to be goaded outside the ring for the certain knowledge that the result for the instigator will be a bad one 100 percent of the time.

So, why in the name of good sense would rapper T.I. walk up to Mayweather at a Fatburger joint on the Vegas strip and start a fight with him early Sunday morning? That's what happened. The incident is all over the Internet. The reason for the altercation is unclear. TMZ is reporting there may have been a dispute involving a woman, allegedly T.I.'s wife, who had earlier taken a photo with the boxer. Could be. T.I. left before the police arrived. Mayweather was on his way out of the place.

Video shows chairs being thrown and a pretty good scuffle, but reportedly no blows were landed. The question remains: What was T.I. thinking? Is this a fight the rapper thought he was going to win? If Floyd didn't get him, the bodyguards would. And, what was Mayweather thinking about? Let's say one of those flying chairs hit a customer who recognized EITHER man. One word: lawsuit. Two more words: deep pockets.

I don't pretend to know much about the rap scene, but I do know boxing and how better men than Mayweather have made poor decisions outside of the ring that cost them everything they'd earned inside.

My advice to Floyd - not that he asked for it - is simple. Next time, use the drive-thru, go back to the mansion, and eat in peace. Let T.I. pick on someone his own size.

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