Holy Cross College reinstates nursing chair

Our Lady of Holy Cross College announces the reinstatement of Patricia Prechter as Chair of the Department of Nursing and Allied Health.

The announcement was made Tuesday after her departure last month.

"I look forward to getting back into the office and continuing to nurture, educate and mentor our students in the Department of Nursing and Allied Health," Prechter said in a statement.

According to our partners at Nola.com and The Times-Picayune, Prechter, who had been on the nursing faculty since 1982, also had been provost -- chief academic officer -- since 2011. She said that she had taken on that responsibility as a favor to the Marianite nuns who run the college.

She left April 4, a day after telling President Ronald Ambrosetti that she wanted to relinquish the provost's job so she could concentrate on leading the nursing department.

But in an email to Prechter, Ambrosetti said she couldn't choose what she wanted to do. Therefore, Ambrosetti said, he interpreted her decision to step down as provost as her decision to leave the college.

"She resigned voluntarily," college spokeswoman Linda Easterlin said at the time. "She was not fired."

Seven faculty members resigned in protest, and the Faculty Assembly unanimously passed a vote of no confidence in Ambrosetti.

In a statement Tuesday accompanying the announcement of Prechter's reappointment, Ambrosetti said, "I look forward to all of us working together toward our mission of educating the mind and the hearts of our students."

Prechter will not have to take on the provost's job, too. Victoria Dahmes, an administrator at the college, is holding that position on an interim basis, and a search for a permanent provost is under way.

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