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Ed, Supt. John White stands firm on Common Core despite governor's position

Supt. John White addresses 4,000 educators at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center Supt. John White addresses 4,000 educators at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center

State Education Superintendent John White made it clear before thousands of educators meeting in New Orleans that he remains staunchly behind the controversial Common Core educational standards, despite Governor Bobby Jindal's stance on the English and math academic requirements.

"I'm thrilled to know the legislature sided with kids, they sided to keep expectations high for kids and now it's really time that we move on," said White in speaking to news reporters after his speech in the Ernest Morial Convention Center.

The legislature which wrapped up its work on Monday evening rebuffed attempts by some state lawmakers and parents to have the Common Core Curricula scrapped in the state.

Louisiana is among 40-plus states that have adopted Common Core, but White said the political atmosphere relating to the educational standards created uncertainty for educators preparing for the new school year.

"Teachers are tired of waking up and seeing their jobs thrown around on the headlines like you can just change things with a magic wand," he stated.

Common Core stresses reasoning over memorization by students. Backers said the new standards will result in students graduating well prepared for college and professional careers.

While some teachers have raised serious concerns about Common Core, many at the two day education leaders summit voiced support.

"Nothing's perfect, but to me this is the best thing I've seen," said John Neal, an English teacher.

The goal of the summit is to equip attendees with tools they can bring back to their schools to ensure success at the student and teacher level relating to the academic standards.

Shelia Banks is a school support specialist for the Jefferson Parish School System. In that capacity, she visits school campuses to help administrators and teachers employ the best practices for instruction at the schools.

"In order for all this to be effective, in order for us to do everything with fidelity our teachers need to be educated, they need the development, they need the coaching, they need the strategies to be able to access these standards," said Banks.

With his strong and continued support of the Common Core curricula, Superintendent John White is butting heads with Governor Jindal who said he has some problems with portions of Common Core.

"We did support legislation that would have delayed those standards, given Louisiana folks time to come up with our own standards, our own exam, unfortunately those two specific bills didn't get through the process," Jindal stated at a post-legislative session press conference at the state capitol Monday.

And following White's remarks at the convention center Jindal issued a statement to the news media Tuesday afternoon.

"We are reviewing our options to address the concerns of parents with Common Core and PARCC. This whole process has been rushed and now we are going to be deliberate and get the next steps right. Education is best left to local control and we will act to ensure that remains the case in Louisiana. It is never too late to make the right decision. The education of our children is too important and we should take our time and get it right," said Jindal.

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