Case dismissed against FQ Minutemen leader

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Prosecutors dismissed a defamation charge against a Metairie man who in 2014 announced plans to form the "French Quarter Minutemen," according to Orleans Parish court records.

In October of 2014, the Orleans Parish District Attorney's Office accused Aaron Jordan of criminal defamation, court records show.

The case was filed months after his arrest on a stalking charge, but the DA refused to accept that felony charge.

Jordan has since filed a civil rights lawsuit in federal court as a result of his arrest.

The French Quarter Minutemen is a proposed group of licensed, armed volunteers to keep watch over the French Quarter. Jordan said the primary focus of the Minutemen is to help those in the service industry feel safe, especially late at night.

"Anyone from the service sector in the French Quarter can call up," Jordan said. "We'll have one of our armed escorts come out, walk that person to their car, bus stop or streetcar stop and make sure they get there in one piece."

The "Minutemen" have not been officially organized yet. Jordan has met with NOPD officials to work out their role in the community and keep the organization legal.

After a meeting with Jordan, NOPD Chief Ronald Serpas said making a clear distinction between the "minutemen" and the police could cause problems.

"What they're doing is offering a service that looks like a police department and that concerns me," Serpas said. "I'm not getting in the debate of gun ownership. I'm getting in the debate of how do you police a community and what does the community want."

The defamation case was dismissed in June of 2015.

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