Judge revokes convicted sex offender Dean Kelly's probation

He was once a model, but Dean Kelly's name may be known for other reasons, namely his legal troubles. And Thursday afternoon a judge issued a serious ruling affecting his time behind bars.

Kelly initially was accused of raping two teens, but Kelly pleaded guilty last year to lesser charges of sexual battery and felony carnal knowledge of a juvenile in exchange for a 10 year suspended sentence with five years of active probation, according to the judge in the case.

Now his probation has been revoked.

"He's got about two years he's already served, so he's got approximately eight years left," said Kelly's attorney Frank DeSalvo outside the courthouse.

Judge Tracey Flemings-Davillier made the decision after a lengthy hearing during which a probation's official testified against Kelly.

Prosecutor Jason Napoli said despite being given a good deal by the District Attorney's Office, Kelly squandered it by repeated violations of the terms of his probation.

The judge found that Kelly indeed violated his probation by going on social media web sites and also by using an alias on social media.

Napoli refused comment after the court hearing.

"He's been very depressed, I mean this has had a serious effect on him and I wouldn't trade places with him," said DeSalvo of Kelly.

FOX 8 News legal analyst Joe Raspanti said he is not surprised that Kelly finds himself in trouble once again.

"I doubted this man was going to be able to survive his probation. He has some sort of pathology that he cannot control himself and it's not a surprise, it's sad for his mother and his family," said Raspanti.

And Raspanti believes the judge had no choice but to revoke Kelly's probation.

"I think that if she didn't do it, she'd would have opened herself up to a lot of criticism, I mean the guy just is relentless, he's gotten more chances than a sharp shooter in carnival," said Raspanti.

Meanwhile, during the court hearing Kelly's attorney argued that there are numerous 'haters' as he that were out to get him.

"I never read blogs in my life, let me look up Dean Kelly, and I spent a good four, five hours just reading all this stuff, most of which was just unfounded, and obviously rumor because when the chips were down none of those people could come forward and the few who did were obviously lying and made know case out of it," DeSalvo further stated after the hearing.

Kelly's lawyer said he is contemplating an appeal to a high court.

"I'm going to sit down with his family and talk to them and see, the odds are against him," said DeSalvo.

Barring a successful appeal, Kelly would be sent to a state prison to serve the rest of his sentence, according to DeSalvo.

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