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SHOCKING VIDEO: Vinton police working to identify people involved in large fight


WARNING: The video, provided to KPLC by authorities, contains graphic content and vulgar language and may upset some viewers.

Two people have been arrested in connection with what police have called a riot Sunday night at the Magnolia Apartment complex in Vinton.

Vinton Police Chief Ricky Fox said he is asking the other people involved in the incident to come forward before police have to go to them.
Police said the violence erupted at about 8:30 p.m. when Lacie Piazza, who has been arrested on a charge of inciting to riot, returned to the complex. 

Fox said Piazza initially went to the complex to recover money she said she was owed after bonding someone out of jail. When the person was uncooperative, Piazza left and then returned to the complex with four other people.

"She had gotten him out of jail and she wanted some money back," Fox said. "We understand the individual was uncooperative so she went to the apartments, went to another location and picked up some other individuals to assist her  in obtaining some of her money back."

Fox said Piazza and her group returned to a crowd of 30 or 40 people. He said the man in the video being kicked while on the ground was sent to the hospital for a head injury. Fox identified him as Jeromy McClain. Fox said a man seen further back being beaten is Logan Carroll.
"A large fight ensued and as a result of the fight three individuals went to the hospital," Fox said. "Two with minor injuries.  They were just treated and released. And one with a serious head injury."

Fox said the man seen in the video wearing a bright blue shirt, Nathan McClain, was booked on a charge of inciting to riot and aggravated second degree battery after allegedly cutting someone with a knife. Fox said the wound was superficial.

Fox also said they're working to identify others in the video and suggests those involve come forward.

"If you were involved in this incident and you committed some type of criminal act, you better come see us," Fox said. "Because we're going to get you identified and then we're going to come knock on your door and with your propensity to violence, we won't be nice when we knock on that door."

The investigation is expected to result in more arrests. 

No word on the condition of McClain -- the man seen being kicked in the head.

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