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Woman injured after boat hits Causeway Bridge


A boater's wife suffered a head injury when her husband lost control and slammed into a Causeway Bridge piling.

The accident happened at about 10 a.m. as the 21' fiberglass boat was headed from the New Orleans side of the bridge to the Kenner side. The driver of the boat, John Schneider, said he lost steering and was forced to kill the engine. 

Five people - all family members - were aboard, and one was tossed into the water. Schneider's wife hit her head on the bridge piling and was taken to East Jefferson General Hospital. The extent of her injuries is not known.

John Schneider says he was 20 minutes into a boat trip with his family when he realized he'd lost control of the steering. He says the current caused his boat to slam into a piling on the southbound side.

Schneider's young grandson went into the water and his son jumped in to help the little boy. The impact caused Schneider's wife to be thrown head-first into a piling.

"Everybody had life jackets on, but she didn't go overboard. She was injured in the boat. There's blood in the boat. She was hurt in the boat," says Schneider.

No other injuries were reported. 

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