Defense hype, rookie hope and season optimism fills Saints Camp bleachers

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - The bleachers were filled with a lot of excitement, but the main theme was a lot of hype for the defense, a lot of hope for the rookies and a lot of optimism for the season.

"It's going to be fun, and the defense is going to be awesome. I think it's going to be real good," said fan Paul Wilson. "This is my team. I've been a Saints fan since they were losers back in the day. Now we're relevant, and it's an awesome feeling. Come out here and watch them get prepared to be the next super bowl champs this year."

The higher power of the Saints was fully understood by the fans who bet against the weather for their spot on the bleachers.

"I'm just excited about the upcoming season. I feel we are Super Bowl contenders. The defense is going to be excellent, especially with the addition of Byrd and the offense is going to be explosive with Cooks," said fan Derrin Gaines.

"We're always going to be relevant. We're going to be able to run the football better I hope this year, and be able to at least catch the ball on the defensive side of the ball that way it'll give us more chances on offense and that way we can rack up the points that we did in '09. So, I feel very confident in the way this team's going to shape up," said Wilson. "I like the way the selections unfolded. The young guys that are going to fill in, I think they're going to run the football real well with Robinson, and a couple of those other guys that are going to fill in with Cooks. I think it's going to be a good mix of being able to run the football and being able to pass."

Just as the veterans guide the rookies on the field, Superfans take those at Saints camp for the first time under their wings as they see their football idols up close.

"This is actually my first time being out here and I'm kind of surprised seeing Drew Brees live," said Tanner Gibson of Loranger.

"I got this from Lance Moore and now that he's gone, I figured it's time to add to the helmet and get a couple more signatures," said Ben Collier, holding a signed helmet.

They geared up for a season they hope lasts well into next year and warmed up their vocal chords to help support the Saints along the way with plenty of who dat chants.

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