Fred said it: Saints training camp

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Wednesday is day two of the Saint's three day mandatory mini camp in Metairie. Here's a bit of a primer for those of you who are heading out to watch. All of you want to see Drew Brees air it to Marques Colston, and that's a cool and admirable thing.

But, you want that 'inside' information to dazzle family and friends with when the season comes around so *you* can say "I saw that coming at mini-camp".

Look to see Champ Bailey. He's a first ballot hall of famer waiting to happen. He'll be wearing number 27 after wearing number 24 his entire pro career. Bailey was drafted with the 7th pick in 1999 by Washington and spent much of his prime time with Denver. Number 24 in black and gold belongs to cornerback Corey White, who selected the number when he was drafted in 2012. The number was chosen as homage to Bailey and another future hall of famer, Darelle Revis.

Another guy wearing a different number is center Jonathan Goodwin. The former Saint, who spent the last three years in San Francisco, started every game and helped the 49ers earn a Super Bowl berth right here in New Orleans. He'll wear number 51, homage to former Saints' teammate Jonathan Vilma. Goodwin, who's battling with Tim Lelito for the starting job, used to wear number 76 which is now worn by Akiem Hicks.

Get it? Got it? Good.

The other thing is this. These mini-camp practice sessions are strictly regimented according to the collective bargaining agreement.

Five practices over three days, two of which can be two-a-days, but the doubles can only last a total of 3.5 hours and two of the five have to be walk throughs.

Helmets are allowed, but no pads and no contact.

The mini-camp is mandatory, and misses are finable up to $69,450 bucks for missing all three days.

Guys, you will not be seeing include:

Saints' first round draft pick Brandin Cooks, who's finishing up his course work at Oregon state.

You'll see him next at training camp in West Virginia next month. Same thing with highly regarded safety Jairus Byrd, who's rehabbing from a back procedure.

Some knowledge for the people.

Armed with that, head on out to Metairie. Of course the real fun begins Sunday September 7th at high noon when the regular season kicks off in Atlanta.

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