Man swimming across Lake Pontchartrain reaches north shore

Matt Moseley, 47, makes it to shore after a 26-mile swim. (WVUE)
Matt Moseley, 47, makes it to shore after a 26-mile swim. (WVUE)

A man swimming across Lake Pontchartrain finished the journey that he began Wednesday night.

Matt Moseley was swimming from the south shore to the north shore to celebrate the Lake's recovery and honor the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation's 25th anniversary.

The 47-year-old Moseley began his 26-mile swim at the new Canal Lighthouse with the wind at his back. His team cheered him along as he made his way across the water to the north shore.

Moseley has been training for the swim for the past six months. He was in the water for 15 hours, reaching his goal around noon on Thursday.

Moseley said he plans on eating a soft-shell crab po-boy and crawfish. He drank a Coke when he made it to shore.

Moseley used English Channel regulations to swim, meaning he could not have any kind of assistance or flotation device. And as far as anyone with the Lake  Pontchartrain Basin Foundation can remember, Moseley is the first person to swim across the lake. 

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