Turmoil in Middle East may affect local price at the pump

The turmoil in another part of the world may affect pocketbooks of people in the metro-area soon.

Oil and gas experts say the unrest in the Middle East has jacked up oil prices per barrel and that could quickly trickle down to what you pay to fill up.

"Prices are just too high to me, you know," said one driver staring at the price of $3.39 a gallon.

"It might be $3.25 here and you go somewhere in Kenner, and it might be $3.49," another man pumping gas said.

The problem of prices for some drivers in the metro-area may get worse because of renewed conflict thousands of miles away in Iraq.

"You have former Al Qaeda in Iraq group which has been reformed in all the confusion going on in Syria. [They] crossed over the border and invaded the cities in the north of the country," said Tulane Energy Institute Associate Director Eric Smith.

Militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant known as ISIS have seized large swaths of the Sunni heartland in northern Iraq.

Smith says one of the issues that will affect Americans directly is oil. The country's largest oilfields and export facilities are in the south and the militants may make a strong push toward Baghdad.

"All gasoline prices are based on the world crude price. The crude price is going up because of this upset. Two days ago it was $100 dollars a barrel. This morning it was $113 a barrel."

The price for people at the pump could change in a couple of weeks.

President Obama said so far, there have not been any major disruptions in oil supplies. An official told CNN the George H.W. Bush aircraft carrier will move into the Persian Gulf. The shift putting fighter jets in place if airstrikes are ordered.

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